Jermaine Pratt CEO and Founder of then JPratt Shoes turned his vision into a brick and mortar reality. Adding to his high demand in shoe designing, he then added the most important component in fashion. JPratt Boutique was born, giving his clients a place to come to receive upscale one on one personal and private service(s).

It is no secret that Pratt’s church up bringing afforded him the opportunity to style and design for First Ladies and Head Pastors of mega churches in the New Jersey tri-state area. After many years of building an outstanding reputation in the churches, Pratt soon realized the need to expend outside the four walls of the church.  

Casting his net further into the fashion world he quickly landed the attention of Philly Fashion Week which then pushed him onto the runways of Atlantic City, Miami and New York’s fashion weeks. In between fashion show seasons Pratt travels around the world styling celebrities who are attending red carpets at various awards show such as, The Dove Awards, BMI Trailblazers, Grammys, Stellars and more.

Just recently settling in from his International Ghana tour JPratt Boutique continues to capture the pure essence in what it means to make a statement and to also push the envelope.

Today, JPratt mission is to create statement pieces that introduce you when you walk I to a room. Men or women, big or small, everyone deserves their own spotlight!